Print my Customer Form

My form is located on the bottom of each page. Click on the link, download and print. 

Press, prepare backing

Make sure you have gone through your quilt. I even take a picture to see if I have any blocks turned the wrong way. LOL. Measure and then prepare your backing. 4 inches larger all around.  Note any labels or if you'd like it centered a certain way.

Filing out the form

Write the measurements. No worries, I double check this. If you have a thread choice or if you'd like me to decide the color.

We can talk Design. Because I know my patterns I may suggest some. When you have more than 4,000 its really boring to go through them all.  If this is a custom quilt that I order patterns for and the cost will be shared between us. As that may be the only time I use those patterns.


I have Hobbs batting queen size on hand. I also have King size packages. Costs are around $7.50 for a yard for the queen, I prefer the batting on a roll, less wrinkles. I also have Hobbs Poly.

Mailing your Quilt

Fold Quilt and backing. Putting it in a waterproof plastic bag. Squeezing any air out, placing the quilt bag into the smallest box. Form in box, seal. Postage, they will give to the highest option at the post office, ask for more options. I've found their prices are the best. 

Send it to Susan Longmire address on form.


Quilting Services

Overall Quilting

As a quilter, some of my quilts are special, useful purpose, or donations. So to have 3 prices on overall quilting,  $.0133, .015, .02 per square inch. 

Makes sense the more stitches the high the cost.  

Custom Quilting

Some of the quilts I've made call for that custom quilting. Making the piecing stand out. Putting life into the quilt.

So if you have a quilt that calls for something special in the borders and blocks I am able to use Creative Studio to help me.

Computerized or Freehanding

What does the quilt call for?

Binding Attached on Gammill


This is what I do to apply the binding on the Useful Quilts. This is for a Stepdaughter, she was thrilled. Not intended for that quilt show quilt. The foot is 1/4 inch, and I sew it on as you would normally.

Making the Mitered Corner

This is how I finish the binding, and it turns out perfectly. The thread color will match, this is just for showing.

Finished corner

This is how that mitered corner finishes. When the quilt is returned this will be turned and ready for you to sew down. The cost of this starts around $10, not more than $15. It is just fun to be able to add this service.

Customer order form

Print this out and price your quilt