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About Turning Leaf Quilting~


Being a quilter we dream of the next quilt, batik, modern quilts, log cabin quilts. Live your Dream.

Thankfully I am able to. My sister Maxine and I both purchased Gammill Long Arms nearly 15 yrs ago. Our Mother Jeanette made that possible. 

Abundance of fabric

Many of us have  a Stash of fabric, "more out than in" is what my son Max would say! So I began to send out 50# or more to be Laser cut. So now I have many quilts cut and ready to piece. 

Quilt Tops

My goal in life is to provide a service to quilters just like me. There are some quilt tops that need custom quilting. And the other, over all quilting. With the Gammill Statler Quilting System I'm able to provide a large range of quilting options. My Customer Order form is below, you will be able to print this out and see the prices for the different types of quilting.

Customer order form

Print this out and price your quilt